Prebonded I-tip & U-tip Hair

Prebonded I-tip and U-tip Strand Hair Extensions
Strand by Strand hair extensions have been around for a long time...and with good reason. They are comfortable, easy to install, maintain and are reuseable. I-tip (known as shoelace or stick hair) and U-tip (known as nail or bonded hair) are the easiest to mix and match colors creating natural blends or chunky highlights.

Individual hair strands are attached to the natural hair creating volume and length but the difference is the movement and feel once installed. Strand extensions are free flowing with natural movement and when placed properly, allow high ponytails and updos and nobody knows you're wearing them. 
Strand Hair Extensions
Individual Strand Hair Extensions
Pretipped Hair Extensions

Also known as "strand by strand" hair extensions. Installed about 1/4" from the scalp to the natural hair. Known for its free-flowing movement and 3-4 month wear with proper installation and maintenance.

I-Tip Hair:  Also known as shoelace or stick hair. Installed with any cylinder attachment: microrings, silicone-lined rings, extenshells and shrinkies.

U-Tip Hair: Also known as fingernail hair due to its shape. This is a protein-based keratin tip that is installed with a fusion wand and gently rolled around the natural hair strand. To remove: A drop of acetone to the bond, crunch with removal pliers and the bond turns to powder for removal.