Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories To Wear With or Without Extensions
The ability to accessorize. We do it with our clothes and with jewelry so why not our hair as well? 

Sparkling hair tinsels for everyday wear or any special occasion. Crystals and natural feathers showing through when the breeze gently moves our hair. It's the little things that add just that little touch of extra that gets us noticed. 

Be adventurous. Be different. Do that little thing that stamps you as unique. Add a little color, some sparkle or flair, something to your hair that sets you apart from the rest and makes you stand out in the crowd. 
Hair tinsel, hair feathers, hair crystals to wear with extensions
Vietnamese Hair

One of the most popular hair extension additions this year are Rooster Saddle Hair Extension Feathers.

We are currently carrying a selection of Grizzly variant saddle feathers in natural and vibrant custom dyed colors.

All feathers can be added to the natural hair and can be washed, dryed and styled during wear. Easy to install and remove and completely reusable.

Now in stock...Heatable synthetic feathers in various grizzly colors.