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Mane Depot Weft Sealer Seals, Protects, Prevents Hair Shedding From Wefts

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013
  • Seals and protects machine and hand-tied hair wefts
  • Extensions last longer
  • Prevents hair shedding
  • Waterproof
  • Non-flammable and can be shipped by air and overseas

Seal your hair tracks before installation for the best hair weft sealing on the market.

Mane Depot Weft Sealer is completely non-toxic and formulated specifically to seal hair threading preventing hair loss and shedding.

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Best Hair Weft Sealer

Mane Depot Weft Sealer for sealing hair wefts and preventing shedding

Weft Sealer and How To Seal Hair Wefts

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Sometimes bad wefts happens to good hair. Or, you have great hair on an equally great weft and you want to ensure your investment stays together for as long as possible. Sealing your machine or hand-tied weft will prevent shedding, eliminate hair looping from the top ridge of the weft and keep delicate threading intact. Keeping your investment on the weft saves time, money and aggravation.

Weft Sealer

Mane Depot Weft Sealer is different than any other product being advertised as a weft sealant. First and foremost, our sealant is safe. While other brands contain harmful chemicals, Mane Depot Weft Sealer carries the ASTM non-toxic rating.


* Quick dry time and completely cured when dry
* Not just water resistant but WATERPROOF
* No odor, no fumes, no harmful vapors
* Non-flammable so we’re able to ship by air and overseas
* Does not break down in hair remover solvents
* Dries flexible

Hair Weft Sealant

Weft sealing is quick and easy with Mane Depot Weft Sealer. Our guide for sealing hair wefts is located in our Hair Extensions Demo and Tutorial section on our site.

Each Weft Sealer purchase comes as a kit with 2oz of Mane Depot Weft Sealer in a squeeze applicator tip bottle, brush and instruction guide with helpful hints.

Pick up your Mane Depot Weft Sealer today and keep your hair where it belongs – on the weft.