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The Best Hair Extensions

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “What are the best hair extensions?”

The “best” hair is subjective.

What is the value of any hair if the color and texture does not work for you? Consider this scenario: pull your hair back into a ponytail, cut it off and hand it to the person next to you. Will your hair be the best match for this person? Think of hair extensions the same way.

In terms of durability, nothing compares to high quality 100% Virgin Remy Hair when you can wear the hair in its virgin condition without altering the color or texture. However, virgin hair can have varying color and texture differences so consistently getting the combination of the exact color and texture is not as predictable as processed, packaged hair.

Another consideration is that almost all virgin hair are shades of black and brown. The exception is Russian European which is never black but shades of dark brown to dark blonde. Russian European, if some opinions or hair articles are to be believed, is touted as the best hair. While it fills a certain niche, we do not hold the opinion Russian European is the best. We do not hold that opinion on Indian, Asian or even Brazilian hair. And the reason is this:

The “best” hair is not something that can be defined as a whole. The “best” hair will always be your personal preference and what works for you.

Brazilian Hair

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Brazilian Hair Extensions

Virgin Brazilian Hair
imported from the South American tropic regions of Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela.

Genetically, most Brazilians have some degree of European, African, and Amerindian ancestry which is why there’s such a unique and varied texture quality to Brazilian hair and more brown shades above 1B and 2.

Our Belorio line of Brazilian hair is not gathered through the practice of tonsure like Indian hair. Our hair comes from a thriving Latin American economy. It is cleaner, healthier hair and received as original bulk ponytails.

Definition Original Bulk Ponytails: The hair is secured back into a ponytail and then cut. The ponytail is from one person and is not mixed with any other person’s hair. All hair is in original banding from when the hair was cut and guaranteed to be in correct cuticle alignment. No hair is inverted or upside down which is the true meaning of the term “remy.”

Belorio Virgin Brazilian Remy is cut directly from the donor and sent to us in correct cuticle alignment. The hair is black to off black and variations of rich brown. In some of our wefts, we’ve custom blended colors together to achieve beautiful multi-tone color. Wefts are single drawn with varying shorter lengths which requires less razoring and easier blending.

Mane Depot carries only 100% Remy genuine, authentic Brazilian hair in straight texture and glorious waves and eye-popping curls. We offer bulk hair for pretipping, ventilating and wefting or you may select ready to wear hair on machine wefting. We have one of the best custom wefts in the industry with a short return (the fold over hair at the weft) for optimum comfort and durability.

We have another new shipment in this week and offer samples of all virgin Brazilian hair currently in stock. We also have a Fotki photo album featuring numerous photos of hair we’ve imported.

Not sure where to go? Go to Mane DepotĀ Brazilian Hair!