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Blending Virgin Hair For Wefting

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Not all hair is created equal. Not all hair is qualified to be on the same weft. We showcase our blending skill on straight, wavy and curly virgin hair.

Brazilian Russian Hair

Straight to natural body hair takes a lot less time, skill and hair to blend. When colors are closely matched or compatible, the only real consideration is texture and length.

This is a blend of European Russian and our silky Euro line Brazilian hair where only texture and length were considered. We found the slight hair color differences complimentary and blending the bundles together created a natural blended highlight effect.

The texture and wave pattern of the finished weft is consistent throughout because of thorough blending and beginning with equal hair pattern and length.

Brazilian Wavy Hair

Wavy hair creates an additional challenge.

Now, not only length being considered, specific patterns and textures need to be identified and separated.

A moderate amount of hair in this classification may need to be set aside unused until suitable bundles can be partnered up and blended.

The end result, as shown in the weft we blended, is a consistent texture and wave pattern from end to end.

Brazilian Hair Curly

Curly hair is the most difficult hair to blend.

It can take a significant amount (multiple kilos) to create one weft of hair. Curly hair made into wefts are the most time consuming to create.

Once we have hair that matches, the blending and wefting takes no more time than straight or wavy hair. The time consuming part is waiting to receive bundles that will match. After much of this hair is drawn, we may only have 2-3oz of a particular pattern, texture or length. We can only hope the next collection contains 2-3oz more of the same type hair so a complete weft can be made.

With Brazilian hair, this is a particular challenge as the supply isn’t as plentiful. In one kilo, for example, there may be two dozen ponytails that are different lengths, curl patterns and textures. A significant portion of curly hair needs to be set aside unused until more hair is obtained and compatible partners are identified.

For the weft pictured, it took a significant amount of bulk hair and time to create a weft with this amount of hair. The end result is a complete weft that matches in color, length, texture and curl pattern.

Rushing to create curly wefts is not an option if you want consistent, compatible hair from end to end.

For custom virgin hair products, your source is Mane Depot.

Elite Thermofiber Synthetic Hair

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Elite Thermofiber is synthetic hair you can wash, heat, curl and style like human hair. So natural, so realistic…nobody will know it’s synthetic but you.

Elite Thermofiber Hair

Our Elite Thermofiber has received outstanding reviews from customers and clients. Whether you decide on a sew-in weave, clip-in hair extensions, bonded wefts or pretipping for individual strand extensions, you’ll love this versatile hair which is only a fraction of the price of human hair.

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Hair India Documentary

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Hot Docs 2009 Festival is now underway in Toronto, Canada.

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is North America’s largest documentary festival, conference and market. Each year, the Festival presents a selection of more than 150 cutting-edge documentaries from Canada and around the globe.

The one we’ve been waiting for is Hair India.

India has always been praised for her idyllic standard of beauty, from women’s saris to her skin and hair. But now, even she has undergone a Western makeover. Hair India takes outsourcing to a new level in this fascinating exposé of a lucrative Indian export: hair. It begins in West Bengal where a young girl donates her hair to the temple. The hair is then sorted by an assembly line of women (with the sound of their bangles keeping rhythm), and sold to Great Lengths, an Italian company that sells the plaits as hair extensions to wealthy women around the world. Along the way, we meet the players, from the hair donors and dealers to Sangreeta, who represents the modern Indian working woman and the Westernization of India’s beauty standards. Hair India effortlessly illustrates how globalization, marketing of vanity, and traditional rituals can all contribute to create a lucrative enterprise – Karina Rotenstein

Check your local area for showings.

I-Tip Prebonded Hair in Fun Funky Colors Are In!

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

I-Tip Prebonded Hair Extensions

I-tip shoelace hair in funky, fun colors. Forget the Manic Panic, messy dyes and long expensive visits to the salon for vibrant, fun hair.

We carry 100% Remy Human Hair already prebonded in the i-tip/shoelace style. Easy to install with microrings, shrinkies or fusion.

Pick some up and get noticed this summer!

Silicone ThinLocs For More Comfortable Hair Extensions

Friday, February 27th, 2009

ThinLocs are a superior, silicone-lined hair ring for strand and weft applications designed for a flat, comfortable install.

ThinLocs Hair Extension Rings

While the popularity of silicone hair rings grows, we’ve looked upon ways to improve them:

* Pare down their bulk so they lay thinner and flatter
* Trim up the silicone interior to ensure larger i-tip strands can be used
* Design them slightly longer than a standard ring for more secure hold yet still small enough to be closed with one squeeze of the plier.
* Create them with a soft alloy that pops open on removal eliminating fold over rings

ThinLocs have been manufactured to all those specifications and we feel it’s the best silicone-lined attachment ring available today.

ThinLocs For Hair Extensions

You can do your own hair extensions!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

You’ve spent years attempting to grown your own hair only to have it stop short of your expectations. At Mane Depot we understand. We’ve been there.

Our site offers the hair extension supplies you need to help you achieve the hair you’ve longed for.

We’re active in the online community assisting and networking with people in their DIY (Do-It-Yourself) quest for affordable hair and supplies. We’re a forward-motion company sourcing and locating hair products worldwide. From our line of Virgin Asian Remy and Thermofiber to overstock from various overseas suppliers, we feel you’ll find something that fits your lifestyle and helps you create a look that’s truly an extension of yourself.

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