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Fusion Pot and Keratin Glue for Hair Extensions

Monday, January 21st, 2013
Fusion Pot and Keratin Glue for Hair Extensions

Professional Fusion Pot and keratin glue for Hair Extensions - Photo is showing keratin pellets in blonde, clear and dark brown which were melted, cooled and removed from the pot to be used again.

We are frequently asked “Which Fusion Pot do I need for Hair Extensions?”

Our recommendation is for our Professional Fusion Pot particularly if you are a salon or extension artist and need to change out your keratin fusion colors between clients. (If you are a DIY, or you need multiple pots going at the same time, we recommend the Mini Fusion Pot.)

The Professional Fusion Pot heats up to 380F and maintains its temperature by automatically powering up and down as needed to hold the correct temperature.

The great thing about this pot is its teflon-coated inside. Once it cools to room temperature, the keratin pellets or chips you melted form into a disk that easily slips right out of its non-stick surface.

Store the disk until it’s needed and it fits right back into the pot and melts down again. No more throwing away keratin and no chipping away at the inside of the pot trying to remove product so you can change colors.

Contact us if you have any questions about our keratin products and accessories and how they function. We’ll be happy to help!

Coarse Curly Virgin Brazilian Hair from South America from Mane Depot

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013
Coarse Curly Brazilian Hair

South American Hair - Coarse Curly Virgin Brazilian Remy

Mane Depot has a new shipment in of raw, unprocessed virgin Brazilian ponytails in curly coarse texture. This is one of the most beautiful collections we’ve received with various deep waves and curls and rich, gorgeous color.

We’re busy prepping the hair (drawing, hackling and blending) and will be wefting the hair starting next week and anticipate completion in less than three weeks.

How to be included for this special offering…

Comment on the photo and then send us a message in Facebook with your email address. For those who comment, your email address is then entered in our stock notification database that will email you the moment we list the hair online. Your email is only being used for this sale and after notification is sent to you, the program we use to send the email automatically deletes your email address from our database. Your email information is never sold and we will not use it for any future marketing purpose.

You will receive an exclusive link to our store to see all the selections we have available. We are not sending a coupon code by email. The coupon code will be listed directly with the product for you to use.

Coarse Wavy Curly Virgin Brazilian Hair from South America

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Coarse Wavy Curly Virgin Brazilian Hair

Coarse Wavy Curly Virgin Brazilian Hair available today for our ‘Coarse For Christmas’ offering. See our Facebook page today for additional photos and information!

Virgin Brazilian Coarse Curly Hair

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Virgin Brazilian Coarse Curly Hair  in raw ponytails. We import unprocessed raw hair collected in South America. Our Brazilian hair is 100% cuticle intact hair with zero processing for color or texture. Truly the most rare and sought after hair on the market today.

Virgin Brazilian Hair Coarse Curly

Raw unprocessed Virgin Brazilian Coarse Curly Hair

Belorio Virgin Brazilian Hair offered exclusively by Mane Depot

Virgin Brazilian Hair from South America

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Virgin Brazilian Hair

Belorio is 100% South American Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair. Photo shown is of actual hair we import as original, single donor cut ponytails. We draw and custom blend each ponytail for the machine wefted hair we have available. Due to limited availability, we cannot and do not offer this hair wholesale.

Where Our Virgin Brazilian Hair Is From: Only virgin, unprocessed, cuticle intact hair is collected from various locations in South America. Each original cut ponytail is from one person and kept in correct cuticle alignment from top to bottom.

Our first Brazilian hair collection occurred in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. Hence the name Belorio (pronounced: beh’low-ree-oh).

  • Virgin Brazilian Hair Is Not freely donated via the religious practice or cuda karma of tonsure like Indian hair. South American women are paid for their hair and the price and limited availability is reflected in the end product.
  • Virgin Brazilian Hair Is Not “made in China.” Chinese vendors process Chinese/Asian hair and then sell the hair as “Virgin Brazilian” but it is not.
  • Virgin Brazilian Hair is Not subjected to acid baths, cuticle stripping, “steam processing” or chemical delousing. What you will notice about our Virgin Brazilian hair is it feels clean, looks clean, and has the clean fragrance of fresh shampooed hair. There is never a chemical “corn chip” type odor. And the reason for this is because it does not come from China or India and is pure, clean, virgin hair.

How can I tell if you’re offering genuine Brazilian hair and not hair from India?

Indian hair is shaved from the scalp (tonsured) and falls to the ground where it is then gathered, bundled, and auctioned. While there are many positive attributes with hair from India, Brazilian hair is collected from each individual woman and she is paid for it.

Genuine Brazilian hair is always cut direct. Meaning, the hair is grown from one person, pulled back in a ponytail (if the donor hair is thick, it is pulled into smaller ponytails then bundled in one) and then it is cut. That’s it. The next step is that it comes to us.

hair color levelsColors: Off Black, Level 2 through Level 3 is most common. The hair is typically warm which means there are no ash tones. Because the hair is virgin, it can be Level 1 to Level 2 at the point of cutting and gradually become lighter as the length progresses. As hair grows and is exposed to the sun, UV penetration causes hair strands to lighten creating a natural ombre effect. In some original cut ponytails this can clearly be seen as the underside of the ponytail will be darker. We do not list this hair using the standardized color ring because the hair is virgin and can have several color variations continuing through the entire length of hair.

Because this is virgin hair, it can be lifted, bleached, dyed, colored with semi or permanent color, you can use henna…anything you can do with your own hair, you can do with virgin hair. If, however, you do not have the experience to successfully manipulate hair color or texture, take it to a professional. If you begin manipulating the hair and you’re not absolutely sure how it will turn out – you should not proceed. Virgin hair can damage just as easily as your own so proceed at your own risk or choose your hair professional wisely before handing over your investment.

Variety: Brazilian hair has many types of textures, strand diameters, softness, luster and movement. Because of the varying ethnicity in South America, we receive ponytails that are coarse and curly to silky straight and beautiful natural body hair which has proven to be more fine and soft than any other ethnicity hair we have imported.

Virgin Brazilian Hair Virgin Brazilian Hair with natural body Mane DepotVirgin Brazilian Dark Blonde Hair with natural body Mane Depot

Virgin Brazilian Brown Hair with natural body Mane Depot Virgin Brazilian Brown Silky Hair Wavy Mane Depot Virgin Brazilian Coarse Hair Wavy Mane Depot

Virgin Brazilian Curly Coarse Hair Wavy Mane Depot Virgin Brazilian Curly Coarse Hair Curls Mane Depot Virgin Brazilian Molado Coarse Curly Hair Mane Depot

Brazil’s population is very diverse consisting of European, African, Amerindian, Portuguese, Italians, Spaniards and others. In the late 19th century, Brazil received a substantial immigration of Europeans from the Ukraine, Italy, Germany and Spain.

What Does Single Drawn Wefts mean? We take a fresh cut ponytail, open it up and remove several inches of short hair from the top before we blend the hair and weft it. Only the first few inches of short hair is removed and the rest is wefted so you will have various lengths of shorter hair in the wefts you receive.

Luster: We do not categorize hair by high luster, medium luster, low luster, etc. Too many light levels and variations change how the hair reflects. If we decide to offer our hair in categories of luster, we may do so in the future but for now we do not.

Online Weft Ordering:
We have machine wefts available for immediate purchase. We provide a photo of the actual weft available and a detailed description. Once that weft is gone, it’s gone.

Online Ponytail (Bulk Hair) Ordering: We also offer original cut ponytails. We send them to you exactly as we have received them. Orders will consist of as many ponytails as it takes to reach the weight you ordered. Each ponytail may contain differences in hair pattern, texture and color but we do keep in mind that an order is typically intended for a full install and we make every effort possible to fulfill your order with similar hair or hair that can be successfully blended for the most consistent look. We recommend ordering at least two (2) ounces more than you will need and at least two (2) inches more than you want to wear as hair weight and length are lost during drawing, blending and wefting or pretipping.

Additional Photo Requests: Please make all requests directly on our Facebook page. Time permitting, additional photos will be posted to Facebook (no private email) so others may benefit as well.

Go to: Brazilian Hair by Mane Depot

Malaysian Remy Salon Relaxed Hair

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Mane Depot is gearing up to carry a line of Malaysian Remy Salon Relaxed hair in several different texture patterns. Our Malaysian Remy has been texturized to blend with African American hair that has been treated with high quality salon relaxer.

We currently have samples available in Malaysian Remy Salon Relaxed Straightand Malaysian Remy Salon Relaxed Gentle Wave.

Malaysian Remy Salon Relaxed Straight Hair Malaysian Remy Salon Relaxed Gentle Wave Hair

Our Malaysian Salon Relaxed features a superior machine weft and natural color of off black to deep rich browns. Our web site contains additional photos of the hair’s texture and appearance after washing and air dry.

As with all our products, registered customers earn Reward Points on each purchase.

At Mane Depot we’re committed to providing our customers the best selection at the absolute best price. Throughout our entire site we feature 120% Price Match. If you find this hair anywhere else, we will match the competitor’s price and give you 20% of the difference.

Pick up your samples today. We’re excited to offer you another alternative for your Malaysian Remy Salon Relaxed needs.

Blending Virgin Hair For Wefting

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Not all hair is created equal. Not all hair is qualified to be on the same weft. We showcase our blending skill on straight, wavy and curly virgin hair.

Brazilian Russian Hair

Straight to natural body hair takes a lot less time, skill and hair to blend. When colors are closely matched or compatible, the only real consideration is texture and length.

This is a blend of European Russian and our silky Euro line Brazilian hair where only texture and length were considered. We found the slight hair color differences complimentary and blending the bundles together created a natural blended highlight effect.

The texture and wave pattern of the finished weft is consistent throughout because of thorough blending and beginning with equal hair pattern and length.

Brazilian Wavy Hair

Wavy hair creates an additional challenge.

Now, not only length being considered, specific patterns and textures need to be identified and separated.

A moderate amount of hair in this classification may need to be set aside unused until suitable bundles can be partnered up and blended.

The end result, as shown in the weft we blended, is a consistent texture and wave pattern from end to end.

Brazilian Hair Curly

Curly hair is the most difficult hair to blend.

It can take a significant amount (multiple kilos) to create one weft of hair. Curly hair made into wefts are the most time consuming to create.

Once we have hair that matches, the blending and wefting takes no more time than straight or wavy hair. The time consuming part is waiting to receive bundles that will match. After much of this hair is drawn, we may only have 2-3oz of a particular pattern, texture or length. We can only hope the next collection contains 2-3oz more of the same type hair so a complete weft can be made.

With Brazilian hair, this is a particular challenge as the supply isn’t as plentiful. In one kilo, for example, there may be two dozen ponytails that are different lengths, curl patterns and textures. A significant portion of curly hair needs to be set aside unused until more hair is obtained and compatible partners are identified.

For the weft pictured, it took a significant amount of bulk hair and time to create a weft with this amount of hair. The end result is a complete weft that matches in color, length, texture and curl pattern.

Rushing to create curly wefts is not an option if you want consistent, compatible hair from end to end.

For custom virgin hair products, your source is Mane Depot.

Drawing Bulk Hair For Hair Extensions

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Drawing human hair for pretipped, wefting and ventilation
Click on the photo above to see our tutorial section on “Why You Need To Prepare Bulk Hair For Tipping & Wefting.”

What is single drawn and double drawn hair?

To make Single Drawn Hair, the shortest hair is removed from the top of the bundle (the root end) leaving in the remaining layers. How many different lengths remain in the bundle is not a set thing. A person drawing hair can remove 2-3″ from the top or they may remove 7″ of short hair from the top – it will still be single drawn.

Making Double Drawn Hair is a technique all done by hand where the longest lengths of hair are pulled from the bundle first. If a ponytail’s longest length is 18″, all 18″ hair is removed. The next layer will be 17″ and that is removed. Proceed up the bundle by 1″ lengths until they are taken out and sorted. Making double drawn hair takes more time, more hair, and the result is a more expensive product where all hair will be the same length with no layers or shorter hairs.

Sound impossibly complicated and messy? Not really. It is a skill, however, and it does take patience and practice to get proficient at handling loose, bulk hair.

Bulk hair and raw ponytails for hair extensions are everywhere. There’s even sites where people post photos of themselves with their long hair and they’ll cut it and send it to the highest paying bidder (at ridiculous prices, we might add).

What you may not know is that there’s something lurking inside those ponytails (or any raw bulk hair for that matter): Shorter hair.

You simply cannot turn a 4oz raw bulk ponytail into a 4oz weft or pretipped hair. Raw ponytails can have so many different lengths in the bundle that they must be removed. Trying to tip your own strands from raw hair will result in overly large tips with the hair disappearing into thin ends. Most people will cut the length to even the ends but this is a waste of good hair. If the hair is drawn correctly, the tip to the ends will be more uniform.

When our hair grows, there’s natural short layers mixed in with those longer strands. An 18″ ponytail won’t all be that length and you may be surprised by the actual quantity of hair that is exactly 18″. While it may be disheartening, that’s the nature of hair that has not been drawn.

We recently took apart an 18″ weft we received from an overseas vendor and created double drawn hair from it to see just how much 18″ hair there really was.

We ordered this hair as single drawn so we knew we’d find all different lengths. Because the hair was so thin at the ends, we also knew we’d find a lot of short hairs inside.

double drawn hair

As you can see, there is very little 18″ hair. There are nine different lengths making up this weft and the largest single length we discovered was only 9″ long.

Was this deceptive of this supplier? No. Considering this was sold as “Single Drawn Hair,” we received exactly what we paid for: 18″ will be the longest length with shorter layers included.

Knowledge (rather, correct knowledge) is a good thing in the hair extension industry. Knowing the true meaning of terms and how that translates into your received product is never a bad thing for the supplier or the buyer.

The Best Hair Extensions

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “What are the best hair extensions?”

The “best” hair is subjective.

What is the value of any hair if the color and texture does not work for you? Consider this scenario: pull your hair back into a ponytail, cut it off and hand it to the person next to you. Will your hair be the best match for this person? Think of hair extensions the same way.

In terms of durability, nothing compares to high quality 100% Virgin Remy Hair when you can wear the hair in its virgin condition without altering the color or texture. However, virgin hair can have varying color and texture differences so consistently getting the combination of the exact color and texture is not as predictable as processed, packaged hair.

Another consideration is that almost all virgin hair are shades of black and brown. The exception is Russian European which is never black but shades of dark brown to dark blonde. Russian European, if some opinions or hair articles are to be believed, is touted as the best hair. While it fills a certain niche, we do not hold the opinion Russian European is the best. We do not hold that opinion on Indian, Asian or even Brazilian hair. And the reason is this:

The “best” hair is not something that can be defined as a whole. The “best” hair will always be your personal preference and what works for you.

Bleach Bath For Wigs, Hairpieces and Hair Extensions

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Occasionally wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions may start looking old, tired and even become a problem being manageable. This professional bleach bath will help restore hair by creating a high pH which causes the cuticles to flatten and become smooth.

Step by step professional detangling procedure:

1. Mix one gallon very hot water (it is important to use the hottest water from the tap) with 1/4 cup of Clorox bleach. Use plain Clorox bleach and not the scented one.

2. Completely submerge the hair into the water for approximately 2 or 3 minutes. Do not leave longer than 3 minutes. Small bubbles may appear during the process. Comb or brush very gently when submerged.

3. Remove hair and submerge in a basin of lukewarm water that has been premixed with a small amount of shampoo. Gently lift in and out for about 3 minutes. Brush or comb hair gently when submerged.

4. Remove and blot/squeeze dry with clean towel. Do not rub hair together.

5. Mix 1/4 cup of ammonia to 3 cups of warm water. Dip hair unit in and out twice.

6. Repeat step 3.

6. Apply conditioner, rinse and style.

Hair will be smooth, tangle free and look like new!

It is advisable to wear gloves and eye protection during the bleach bath. Do not mix bleach and ammonia together. These are off-scalp instructions and not to be followed while wearing your hairpiece or extensions.