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Mane Depot New Site Launch and Black Friday Event!

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

We are so proud to introduce our new site launch AND great Black Friday savings to you this week!

First: Our site redesign was a long, crazy road but we’re very pleased with the end result. The beautiful, cohesive layout was a vision turned reality by the wonderful staff at Ryan Design Studio. While we don’t know the precise amount of coding involved with making this happen, we do know it’s massive and the end result is Mane Depot being loaded with visual item displays on every product page, recently viewed, social media links tying in with all our wonderful hair extension products and over a thousand photos that bring our inventory to life. Not to mention a simplified, quick and easy checkout for both domestic and International customers.

Speaking of which, for our International clients, we’ve turned to a name synonymous with secure checkout and lower shipping costs: Bongo. In our initial tests with Bongo, we discovered shipping costs lowered as much as 50% for the same weights and destinations compared to our old International checkout. Not to mention, Promo Codes from our site transfer right over and bring you the discounts as well! We were hooked! Easier checkout and the same incentives for all customers? We said YES! What this means are faster delivery times and incredible savings for you.

Second: Black Friday. What better way to begin our fresh site launch than with great savings! If you are a subscriber to our newsletter (sign up at the bottom right of this page), you will be first to receive Black Friday promotion codes on Thanksgiving Day. Promotion codes will be displayed publicly on our site beginning midnight PST November 29, 2013.

A word of note to customers with a login name and password from our previous site: You will need to reset your password for the new site. All passwords from the old site were encrypted (a necessity for being a secure, compliant site) and could not be brought over. You may reset your password here. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

Thank you for your patronage over the years. We look forward to serving past and future clients in the years to come.