Remove Bonding Tapes From Hair Extension Wefts Safely

Extended wear bonding tapes such as Protac, Supertape or True Blue are dream tapes for those wanting a long-lasting, secure install.

And then the inevitable time arrives we all must face: the removal.

Hair Extension tape removal

C22, Pure, Citru-Spice all do a remarkable job releasing bonding tapes. But here’s the thing – sometimes after removal, there’s blobs of adhesive tape or even the entire section of tape stuck to the wefts.

First, you pull at them, ripping the layers away from each other. You try soaking in every solution imaginable. You pick at it only to wind up with slime-covered fingers. You try vigorous scrubbing with toothbrushes and vegetable scrubbers. Problem is, you’re harming your wefts. In particular, you’re doing great damage to delicate hand-tied wefts where gentle care and maintenance is key to their long life. Do you have hair looping out the top of your hand-tied weft? Chances are you’re using bonding tape and tried any one of the damaging methods listed above to get your wefts clean.

Don’t do it.

Try this instead.

Gather the following items: Clothing iron, paper towels, hand towel.

Turn your iron on to high heat and do not use the steam feature. Lay your weft flat on the paper towel. Fold the top half of the paper towel over the weft. Place the hand towel over that and iron briefly. Remove the hand towel and then peel the paper towel off slowly. The adhesive tape will softly pull away from the hair weft and stick to the paper towel. Repeat as necessary and use a clean section of paper towel each time. Replace paper towel as needed.

Wash your wefts with gentle shampoo, condition below the weft line and allow to dry.

Wefts carry a residual sticky feel after removal with extended-wear bonding tapes. Once you commit your wefts to this type of install, those wefts should always be used for bonding tapes. The tack still remaining does not harm the weft. We’ve found it provides enhanced adhesion for the next tape install with added protection to the integrity of the weft to keep it in intact.

You can see a full photo version of this demo (and others) located in our Demo Gallery section.

We’d love to hear your feedback after trying this. And, as always, appreciate linking to our direct page when passing this info on to others.

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