Making Your Own Hand-tied Wefts

If you’re anything like us, when we see someone doing something remarkable with fishing line and hair, we simply have to try it ourselves. And try we did.

This truly works and we made some of the best hand-tied wefts with bulk fiber from our friends over at Plastikhaar.

If you’re a DIY who wants to bump your experiments up to the next level, we highly recommend the method shown here:

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3 Responses to “Making Your Own Hand-tied Wefts”

  1. tressie says:

    Nice video. Can you trim the beard afterwards? Do you need to do 3 waves each time or is it ok to do 2 – in order to get a fuller weft?
    You have a very cute voice btw. :)

  2. admin says:

    If doing this method with human hair, the shorter hair will be placed in the back to trim the beard. You’ll want to clip the long hair in the front with a duckbill or similar clip so it doesn’t cross into the path of the scissors.

    I do 3 loops per strand like in the video. When doing only 2, I couldn’t get the strand to tighten up. If you’re able to succeed with 2, I’d love to see your results and place the photo here.

  3. tressie says:

    Thanks! I have some synth I could practice on, it sure looks fun.