Applying Hair Extensions With Bonding Tape

Bonding tapes commonly used for hairpiece units and lacefront wigs have revolutionized hair extension installations for the DIY community. If you’re a professional hair technician working in a salon, you’ve discovered the quick and efficient way hair bonding tapes allow you to fit walk-in clients into your tight schedules.

Our Protac Bonding Tape Demo is online and easy to follow. You can apply the same techniques in our demo to any hairpiece bonding tape we carry.

Protac Demo

We carry a wide range of extended wear bonding tapes including Protac, Airflex, Supertape and also daily wear tapes and liquid adhesives such as Walker Ultra Hold and Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive

Have you made the switch? If hair bonding tapes have become your favorite installation method, tell us about it!

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